Takoyaki party: perfect to do on weekends! & little Corn Dog making!


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How are you doing? My name is YokoNaruka. It's autumn in Japan and the mornings and evenings are chilly.

Today's theme is takoyaki party.

Japanese people love takoyaki even if they do not live in Osaka. It is delicious to buy and eat, but it is also delicious to relax and linger at home.


**Ingredients** (4 servings)

Takoyaki mix flour......200g




Negi (green onion)......just the dose

Cabbage......just the dose

Japanese sauce......just the dose

Toppings such as aonori (green laver), mayonnaise, cheese, etc....... as much as you like!


1. In a bowl, stir together takoyaki mix flour, 2 eggs, and water.

2. Pour it into the takoyaki pan.

3. Add the ingredients and turn to see if they are cooked. 

4. Bake, turning over slightly.くるくるくる〜(Kuru kuru kuru〜)

5. Eat with your favorite toppings!!

I was going to make it with my 5 year old daughter, but she only carried out the eating part LOL

Still, I'm glad she enjoyed it. The second time, my dad was in charge of baking. Halfway through, the baby looked sleepy, so I took her into the bedroom.

Next morning. I poured the pancake mix mixture into the takoyaki cooker. The ingredients were sausage and chocolate.

My daughter helped me with this.

The little Corn dogs(In Japan, this is called an "American dog") were very tasty. If you can, try to buy a takoyaki cooker. It's fun!

This is something you can use on a gas stove top.




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