Croquettes(fried mashed potato) remade from Nikujaga: "Mottainai" & SDGs


food of japan

X f B! P L ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

A traditional Japanese home-style dish consisting of meat (usually pork) and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.) cooked together


Hi. I am YokoNaruka. I write a blog to spread the word about Japan to other countries. Forgive me if my English is strange :)


Have you ever heard of the word "mottainai"? It is a Japanese expression used to point out that something is wasted or an important opportunity or resource is not utilized.

Waste of resources: For example, leaving food behind or throwing away something usable is said to be "mottainai.

Missed opportunity: also used for missing out on or not taking advantage of some valuable opportunity.

Waste of effort or resources: A waste of time and effort or valuable resources is said to be "mottainai.

This expression reflects a cultural element that encourages people to value resources and opportunities and to avoid wasting them, and is commonly used in Japanese society.


Today I made croquettes with leftover meat and potatoes. This time I made croquettes(fried mashed potato), but I sometimes eat them with curry or over udon noodles. This is an act done in the spirit of mottainai ;)

I don't know why I over make "Nikujaga" every time.

This time I mashed them into croquette dough(dough? ). The dough turned orange because I had too many extra carrots, but never mind. Green and yellow vegetables are healthy!

Then I took my five year old daughter to her lessons. Meanwhile, this was napping in the fridge.


3 hours later...


The dough was too soft and made a flat croquette LOL

But this is OK because the kids can easily eat them!

I fried them in the oven because my 7 month old baby monster was crying and screaming. I didn't have time to cook them in front of the stove in the kitchen.

My 5 year old daughter demanded ketchup, saying the japanese sauce was "hot".

Ketchup saves the world.




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