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Hi. I am YokoNaruka. I am Japanese born in Japan.

I bought some snacks at the supermarket today. Today I would like to introduce a tiramisu flavored chocolate pie.

This is a refrigerated item. I found it in the corner where yogurt and pudding are placed. It is marked as a limited time item. Why would I, a foodie, not buy it? LOL.

Opened. It is voluptuous, about 1.5 times the size of a regular chocolate pie.

Choco Pie shouted. Eat me quickly." I shout too. I want to eat you quickly! But I'll blog about it, so wait a minute!"

Wiping the drool off my face, I cut it off. The inside is so full of cream that it seems to overflow. It's not a marshmallow. It's cream of cheese.

I couldn't wait to eat mine. I ate! The cream is thick and delicious! And later the taste of chocolate spreads in my mouth. Then the aroma of coffee and liquor followed, and the aroma of coffee and liquor escaped from my nose. Compared to a regular chocolate pie, it is more luxurious. It's no wonder. This one cost 200 yen LOL.

This is 255 kcal. I put the other half away in the fridge. I will eat it tomorrow. Do you have unusual flavored chocolate pies in your country? If there are, please let me know. Well then, thank you for reading to the end. See you soon!




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