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Hi. My name is YokoNaruka. Lately it's been cold in the morning and at night, so socks for sleeping are indispensable.

Last night we had a party with handmade sushi. Sushi in Japan is not sushi rolls. Sushi is generally nigirizushi(hand-pressed sushi) made with raw fish.

But I am not a sushi chef. So I use these handy items to nigiri the rice.

Simply fill a Tupperware-like container with rice and press to make 10 nigiri.

I bought these goods after my child was born. There may be few Japanese who have them. In Japan, sushi parties are more commonly held with Temakizushi(hand-rolled sushi) or chirashi-zushi.

Usually, Japanese eat sushi at restaurants or buy it from them LOL

Why do I make sushi? Because it makes my daughter happy. Besides, it tastes better than buying it and eating it. Kaitenzushi(sushi conveyor) is fun, but there is a risk of infectious diseases when eating out. That is why I make and eat sushi at home these days.

Temakizushi(hand-rolled sushi) 

Temakizushi(hand-rolled sushi) 

A child enjoying a sushi conveyor belt with a toy train

The breath of fish dancing on top of sushi rice,

The beauty of sushi is the sound that strikes the heart.

A gift from the sea, a song of life,

Every moment, a moment of magic.

Feel the soft clap of the sashimi,

A smile grows within the rice.

A dream fills the sushi roll,

A bite opens the door to the world.

Nigiri-zushi, a craftsman's work of art,

Weaving harmony with the magic of the fingertips.

Chirashizushi, tickling the senses,

A variety of beauty unfolds before your eyes.

Sushi, at the intersection of food and art,

A moment to travel and share the excitement.

transcending all differences, a connection,

the love of sushi, an eternal feast.

The gift of the sea, the mystery of sushi,

A poem that resonates in the mouth and in the heart.

Sushi, a story of beauty to be told,

A moment to be celebrated and admired forever.

Nigirizushi is easy to make with goods. However, it may be a little difficult in countries where there is no culture of eating sashimi. However, it would be good to have something called hamburger sushi or BBQ sushi. Sushi will save the world. Don't you think so? :)




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