Restaurant “Gusto” in Japan: Talking about its charm from a mother’s perspective!


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Yesterday, I took the 5y to Gusto because they had a long day of lessons and I got home late. When I get home unexpectedly late, I often find myself not wanting to cook dinner. After I get home, I make dinner, and while I'm at it, my kids make a mess of the living room. Even if you tell them to clean up, they probably won't listen. And you will probably be reluctant to take a bath. I feel depressed when I think about such things. So, in times like this, I just eat out and have a quick dinner ;)

What you see in the photo is Gusto's popular menu, Cheese in Hamburg. 

The 5y cheered when they saw how much cheese was stretching. Of course, it's not that loud. Don't be loud in a restaurant :) 

I ordered Karaage(Japanese fried chicken) and a drink bar. Why did I only order that much? After all, I couldn't slurp noodles while holding a baby in my arms, and it was difficult to eat with a knife and fork using both hands. I can easily eat Karaage by grabbing it with chopsticks.

Is it my husband? I was late getting back to home that day due to work.

Gusto is a wonderful family restaurant. I can enter the store with a stroller, and recently a Nekochan robot will bring meals. It's fun for the kids!

Now let me briefly introduce Gusto.

The charm of Gusto from a mother's perspective

"Gusto" is a popular family restaurant chain in Japan, and it can be found in many locations across the country. There are several reasons why this restaurant is particularly appealing to mothers:

Affordable Prices

Gusto offers delicious meals at reasonable prices, making it a great option for families to dine out without worrying about their budget.

Diverse Menu

Gusto's menu features a wide variety of dishes, encompassing both Japanese and Western cuisine. This means that every member of the family, from kids to adults, can find dishes that suit their preferences. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are plenty of choices.

Kid-Friendly Menu

Gusto provides a kid-friendly menu, ensuring that children of all ages can enjoy their meals without any fuss. This allows parents to dine out with their children without worrying about their food preferences. There is also a menu where you can make gacha gacha(capsule toy machine)!

Cozy Atmosphere

Gusto offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and is perfect. This is an environment where the whole family can enjoy a meal. There are also family-friendly seats and spacious spaces. Even family can enjoy it comfortably!

All-Day Service

Gusto operates from morning to night, accommodating a variety of family schedules. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can visit at your convenience.

For mothers, Gusto is an attractive option as it offers affordable, delicious meals and provides a diverse menu that caters to the entire family. The consideration for children, combined with a relaxed atmosphere, makes it an ideal choice for enjoying dining out with the family.


Gusto, a place where families smile, A dream of affordable, delicious food.

A door that opens from breakfast to night, Something that both children and adults can enjoy.

The menu has a wide range of choices; A flower of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine tailored to your taste.

Don't forget to see your child's smile, Family meals are here.

Gusto, surrounded by a comfortable atmosphere, Choose healing from difficult days.

Easy and fun, that's Gusto. Always a nice place to be with family ;)




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