Comparison of McDonald's in Japan and the U.S.: Why are there so many varieties of McDonald's in Japan?


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This is a hamburger " Gyuusuki-Tsukimi" I took out the other day. 
This is Sukiyaki-taste. It was a little spicy because of the seven spice chili peppers.

Hi. I am YokoNaruka.

I know this is not just a Japanese story. McDonald's price hike (I know it's not limited to McDonald's, of course). Prices are soaring dramatically around the world. Yet, we can't stop eating McDonald's because it is imprinted in our brains that it is cheap, fast and delicious.

The theme of this issue is the difference between McDonald's in Japan and the United States. If you think that McDonald's has a universal taste, you are mistaken. Some burgers are unique to Japan, while others are unique to the United States.

Menu Differences

McDonald's in Japan

McDonald's in Japan features a more diverse menu than in the United States. In addition to the standard hamburgers and cheeseburgers, you can enjoy unique Japanese flavors such as shrimp filet, teriyaki burger, and miso katsu burger.

McDonald's in the U.S.

McDonald's in the U.S. is dominated by simple, classic menu items. Big Macs, cheeseburgers, and McChicken are common, with limited special regional variations.

However, there is an oatmeal menu and a burrito menu. These are not available in Japan. I was also surprised that they sell apples!

New York-style hamburgers will be available in Japan starting tomorrow LOL. Other burgers in a variety of flavors, including Hawaiian and Korean, will also be available for a limited time. It is funny :)

Differences in Taste


McDonald's food in Japan generally uses seasonings and sauces that suit the Japanese palate, with a distinct sweet and savory flavor. For example, the Teriyaki Burger and Misokatsu Burger have a sweet and spicy sauce that provides a unique flavor. Misokatsu is no longer on sale, though. They seem to be pushing soy sauce flavored burgers these days. For example...

These are soy sauce flavored. The name is Samurai Mac.

Ingredient Quality

Japan has very strict standards for ingredient quality, and McDonald's ingredients are of high quality. In particular, Japanese beef is of high quality, and McDonald's in Japan takes advantage of this.

Seasonal specials: McDonald's in Japan often offers seasonal specials, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy seasonal flavors such as strawberry daifuku pie and sweet potato pie.

Cultural Factors

Japanese food culture values seasonal ingredients and flavors, and tends to favor sweet and savory flavors in its seasonings. This influences the seasoning of McDonald's in Japan.

McDonald's in the U.S. emphasizes quick service, classic flavors, and a simple menu.

McDonald's in the U.S. has a wide variety of desserts!

Dessert Menu

McDonald's USA offers many choices on its dessert menu. A typical dessert menu includes the following items

Apple Pie: Apple pie with cinnamon. 

McFlurry: vanilla ice cream with Oreo and M&M toppings.

Strawberry Sundae: Vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

Chocolate chip cookie, frappe, smoothie, and so on.

These desserts can generally be ordered with a meal and are served as a sweet finishing touch.

McDonald's in Japan does not have M&M's Fleurie. I would like to try it.


McDonald's USA offers unlimited beverages at select locations. Typically, soft drinks, coffee, and tea are included in the all-you-can-drink offer. This service provides the convenience of refilling drinks as often as desired during the meal, and supports the customer's pleasant dining experience.

However, the all-you-can-drink offer and eligible drinks may vary by region and individual restaurant.


McDonald's in Japan and McDonald's in the U.S.

McDonald's in Japan and McDonald's in the U.S. have adjusted their menus and flavors to suit local tastes and cultures. McDonald's in the U.S. offers a classic fast food experience, while McDonald's in Japan offers a diverse menu and unique taste experience. Both McDonald's offerings are devised to meet local tastes and expectations, which is one of the reasons they are so well-loved in both countries.


This is what an acquaintance told me: Japanese hamburgers are always warm and the buns are fluffy. In the U.S., he said, they are served cold and dry in some places. Is this true? But Americans say that McDonald's in the U.S. tastes better. Well, both are personal opinions.

Is there any difference in customer service? I would like to observe carefully when I travel abroad! I wonder how it is not only in the US, but also in Italy, England, Australia, China, and Korea. I am curious :)




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