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Hi. I am YokoNaruka.

Do you know Fuji Soba? Fuji Soba is a major fast food chain in Japan that mainly serves soba (buckwheat noodles). I don't go there anymore, but when I was working for a company in Tokyo, I used to go there often. My favorite menu item was "Croquette Soba". The croquette (battered and deep-fried mashed potato) absorbs the soba juice and becomes exquisitely textured, which is the best part!

I saw it broadcast on TV and couldn't resist the urge to blog about it. And I want to go there again after I settle down to raise my children LOL Some people might take their children there, but somehow I feel like that restaurant is a place for businessmen and office workers. Do I care too much?


Fuji Soba Features

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Fuji Soba's menu consists mainly of buckwheat noodle dishes, which are mainly served as follows...


Cold buckwheat noodles (zaru-soba) are the main dish, served with dipping flavorful soup (dashi).

Tempura soba

A variation of soba topped with tempura (deep-fried food).


Hot soba noodles (kakesoba) served with hot broth are also available.

Other dishes include spinach soba, udon, curry rice, katsudon, and tendon.

Fuji Soba offers an easy and reasonably priced menu, making it a popular and casual dining option for many people in Japan. Fuji Soba is also widely available in Japan and can be found in various places such as train stations, shopping malls, and in town. As a result, they are used by tourists and locals alike.

The appeal of Fuji soba

Soba buffet near Suidobashi Station by shibainu.jpg

Healthy Choice

Soba is a traditional Japanese food, considered lower in calories and healthier than wheat. Fuji Soba offers a healthy and wholesome dining option, especially favored by those who are conscious of their diet and balanced meals.

A Taste of Japan

Fuji Soba embodies Japanese food culture and is a place where one can easily enjoy soba, a traditional Japanese dish. The flavor and texture of soba is loved by many.

Easy fast food

Fuji Soba adopts a fast food style, making it suitable for busy daily lives as the service is quick and easy. It also offers healthy choices for a fast food restaurant, making it a favorite among many customers.

Diverse menu

In addition to soba dishes, Fuji Soba offers a wide variety of options such as onigiri (rice balls) and seasonal dishes. This allows diners to enjoy new flavors each time they visit.

Part of the Japanese dining culture

Fuji Soba is part of the Japanese dining culture and offers tourists and visitors alike the opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese meal. Visitors can enjoy soba while learning about Japanese culture.

All in all, Fuji Soba offers an easy and healthy meal and plays a part in promoting Japanese food culture. Its ease and delicious taste have made it a favorite among many people.




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