Making daily Bento lunches : I think this is a normal mom's bento🍱


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Hi. I am YokoNaruka.

There are many beautiful bento pictures lying around in the internet. I can make such a bento too if I take my time, but the average mother can't spend that much time in the morning. I might be able to make it if there is some special event on a particular day, though. Making lunch boxes is a daily thing. It is not easy to add special decoration every day. Of course, it may be easy for a hyper professional bento maker mama. At least, I can't do it LOL

So the bento I make looks like the picture above.

Here are some side dishes.

In the foreground, on the left, is an egg omelet with green onion. Next to it is Usagi-san-Ringo (rabbit's apple). It is not Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon. It is cut to resemble a rabbit, an animal with long ears.

In Japan, it is said that a rabbit is pounding rice cakes in the moon. Oops! This is an aside LOL

This is an octopus sausage. There is no octopus in it. It is a sausage that is cut to resemble an octopus, just like a rabbit apple.

This fry is a white fish fry. There is tartar sauce inside. This is not my handmade. It is a frozen food. I often buy this series because it is convenient. There are many kinds, so I will introduce them next time!

This is the package *\(^o^)/*

This is a vegetable-flavored furikake. The illustration is by "Sumikko Gurashi," a popular character among Japanese girls.

When it is time for lunch, my daughter will probably eat this on the rice.

(on? over? put? or sprinkle? My English is still learning :)

When the rough heat is removed, cover with a lid, wrap in a handkerchief, and place in a kindergarten bag.

The illustration of the lunch box is by "Chiikawa. Do you know it?

My daughter usually takes the kindergarten bus to kindergarten, but today she was late so I dropped her off.


Bento prepared by Japanese mothers is one of the meals that play a very important role in Japanese households. Bento made by mothers generally include the following elements (of course, the father may make it, or the grandfather or grandmother may make it. However, in Japan, it is still generally made by the mother in most cases).


Rice is the foundation of the bento, and may be white rice, rice balls, or bento rice.

Main dish

The main source of protein, consisting of chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables.

Side dishes

simmered dishes, deep fried dishes, dried fish, egg rolls, ham and sausage, fried fish, grilled fish, tempura, salad, etc.


Sometimes pickles such as pickled plums or shibazuke are served.


Sweets and fruits may be included.

Balanced meal

A healthy and well-balanced meal is prepared, taking into consideration the balance of nutrients. Consider a balance of rice, protein, vegetables, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and energy.

Seasonal and event-specific

Choose ingredients according to the season, and be creative in design and content. For special occasions and events, character bento boxes and seasonal decorations may be used.

Special bento boxes

To ensure that the bento is carried beautifully, parents also pay attention to the design and size of the bento box. They may also use dividers or separators in their lunch boxes to prevent ingredients from mixing with each other.




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