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Hello, my name is Naruka Yoko. I am Japanese and I grew up watching Sailor Moon. This time I would like to talk about Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars is a warrior whose beauty and strength are captivating. This appeal is perhaps enhanced by the traumas of her childhood. This section explores how that trauma affected her character.

Father and Mother

As a child, Rei Hino lost her mother to illness. Her father, a powerful politician, did not come to see her mother die. Did her parents not get along well? She is his wife, no matter how busy he is with work! Ray must have grown up in an unfriendly family environment. The loss of her mother and the conflict with her father was a huge ordeal for her. But it became her strength and source of strength.

Grandfathers and Shrines: Stability and Hope

Sailor Mars was saved by her grandfather and the Hikawa Shrine. Living in the precincts of the shrine was a symbol of stability and love for her. Her relationship with her grandfather enriched her heart.

A Fusion of Beauty and Power

Sailor Mars is a warrior who perfectly blends beauty and power. Her outward beauty is in harmony with her inner strength, which is reflected in her fighting style. She epitomizes passion and determination, and her strength is part of her appeal.

Inspiration and Growth

The darkness of Sailor Mars' past has helped her grow and strengthen. She experienced sadness and loneliness, but turned her experiences into strength and worked hard toward her mission to protect others.

Meet Usagi Tsukino

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At the beginning of the original story, Rei Hino was a loner, a demure cool beauty. She has the power to foretell the future and to see prophetic dreams of crises in the near future. She is also good at tarot reading. However, she had a high-handed nature. However, as she became friends with Usagi Tsukino, she became kinder. (He is a gag character in the anime, but he is much cooler in the manga).


Sailor Mars' appeal was formed by a combination of beauty and power, loss and growth, and emotional experiences from childhood. She is proud of her beauty and strength and continues to wield the power of her flame to protect someone. Her fateful encounter with Usagi Tsukino is the beginning of new adventures and bonds that make her even more appealing.

I lost my mother when I was 10 years old. At that time, I became isolated from my classmates because I could not talk to anyone around me. So I can relate to Sailor Mars in some ways.


When I was a child, I used to imitate Sailor Mars and make a lot of bills with "悪霊退散(Evil Spirits Exorcised)" written on them LOL.




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