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 Hello, my name is Yoko Naruka. I love snacks, but in my 36 years of living, I have never had an "onigiri senbei" (rice ball cracker). This is because onigiri and senbei are both very ordinary things to me. To be honest, I have never found "onigiri senbei" attractive. But when my daughter bought one and let me try it, I was surprised. And I admitted that I was wrong.

Onigiri senbei" are very tasty! Shocking! I love Masuya corporation!

By the way, the rice balls in this picture have names. It is "Onigiribouya".

And this girl's name is "Christine". Why? Japanese name? Why she's name is not Asuka, Natsuko, Hitomi(Common names for Japanese women)? No. My guess is that this is a discovery by the manufacturer to the Americans. Because Americans love this snack, too, don't they? Are they popular in England, France, or Australia? Please tell me!

It is a soy sauce flavored rice cracker with a crispy texture. It has a light texture. Once you start eating it, you will not be able to stop. I was drooling when I was writing this. I'm drooling. Well, let's see. It's almost time for lunch. I'm going to make onigiri (rice ball) and eat it.




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