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Title: Sudsy Mom's Washing Spree 
Author: Wakiko Sato 
Publisher: R I C Pubns Asia Co Inc 
Release: 2006

 Hello. I am a mother of two children living in Japan. I love Japanese picture books and am also a qualified librarian. This time I would like to introduce a picture book called "Sudsy Mom's Washing Spree."


This is a story about a mother who washes everything, even the thunder.

Things to learn

"Sudsy Mom's Washing Spree" is a Japanese picture book and a wonderful story that teaches important values and lessons through housework. Some important lessons that can be learned from this picture book include...

Cooperation and Family Bonding

The main character mother, demonstrates the importance of the whole family working together to complete household chores. The picture book emphasizes the importance of family bonding and cooperation.


By having Sudsy Mom do the laundry every day, she demonstrates a sense of responsibility and learns how to support her family's lifestyle.

Frugal Living

Picture books emphasize the importance of spending without luxuries and appreciating necessities.

Saving and recycling

Sudsy Mom teaches the concepts of recycling and wise consumption through the care, repair, and reuse of clothing.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Sudsy Mom's perseverance in her daily chores shows that hard work pays off. This picture book emphasizes the importance of hard work.

Environmental Consciousness

The scene where Sudsy Mom hangs her clothes outside promotes environmental consciousness and appreciation of nature.

Compassion and Gratitude

The family learns the importance of compassion and gratitude through scenes in which the family understands and appreciates the mother's efforts.

“Sudsy Mom's Washing Spree”  is a wonderful picture book that offers simple yet profound reflections on values, and these lessons will help to teach children important values at home and in society.

Impressions from a 5 year old girl

The picture of drying laundry is very detailed and interesting! My mom washes a lot of clothes out of the closet like this when the seasons change!




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