Summary of “Guri and Gura(The Giant Egg)” and 7 lessons


Japanese picture books

X f B! P L ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

Title: Giri and Gura The Giant Egg
Author: Eriko Nakagawa
Illustration: Yuriko Omura
Publisher: Fukuinkan Shoten
Release: 1993

Hello. I live in Japan. I am a mother of two children and love Japanese picture books. I also have a qualification as a librarian. This time we will introduce "Guri and Gura" which is very popular in Japan. This work is filled with a lot of happiness!


A children's cautionary tale that conveys the importance of friendship, cooperation, compassion, creativity, independence, a love of nature, a sense of adventure, and spiritual fulfillment.

Things to learn

Guri to Gura" is a Japanese children's literature work that is aimed at children and depicts adorable characters and their daily lives. The following seven things can be learned from this work.

Friendship and Cooperation

Although Guri and Gura are different kinds of animals, they cooperate with each other to solve problems and have fun together. This work teaches the importance of friendship and cooperation. 


Guri and Gura are considerate of each other and help each other. It suggests to the reader the importance of consideration. 

Creativity and Ingenuity

Guri and Gura use their ideas and ingenuity in their daily lives and enjoy fun adventures. 

Independence and responsibility

Guri and Gura are in charge of their own lives and make their own food. They set an example of independence and responsibility to children. 

Love of Nature

This work emphasizes harmony with nature and suggests ways to respect and enjoy it. 

Adventure and exploration

Guri and Gura always enjoy trying new things, having adventures, and choosing new experiences. They provide stimulation for children to develop a sense of adventure and exploration. 

Spiritual satisfaction over material wealth

Guri and Gura enjoy a simple life and value friendship, fun, and happiness over material wealth. 

From this work, we can learn that happiness is not quite about quantity, but also about spiritual fulfillment. 

Thoughts from a 5 year old girl 

What a great idea to turn eggshells into cars! I want to eat such a big castella. If possible, I would like to eat it with fresh cream or strawberries on top!
(In the Japanese version, pancakes are made into castella cakes.)




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