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 Hello. I am Japanese. She is also a mother of two girls and is a qualified librarian. This time I will write about "The Grateful Crane(Tsuru no Ongaeshi)".


In this story, a crane is saved by a human and returns the favor. The crane is told not to peek, but he peeks into the room and ends up returning to the sky. This story contains the lesson that if you help someone in need, their goodwill will be returned to you, and that you should never break a promise.

Why cranes?

The element of the crane's transformation into a beautiful woman in the story may be difficult to interpret because it is not common in Western cultures. In Japan, however, the crane has long been considered a beautiful bird. As evidence of this, cranes are often depicted on Japanese sliding doors and fabric products.

The crane is a familiar bird to the Japanese. It is also a symbol of longevity and marital bliss.

In some stories, cranes "return the favor" by gifting their own lifespan to humans!

There is a crane in Katsushika Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji!

Why did the crane transform into a beautiful woman?

The story does not explain why the crane transforms into a beautiful woman. It is a mystical element or magical event that frequently appears in legends and myths. It is often found in classical tales and folk tales and is sometimes perceived as a religious symbol or supernatural element.


The importance of kindness

The story emphasizes the importance of acts of kindness because they can lead to positive outcomes.

Gratitude for favors

The story teaches the importance of showing appreciation for the kindness of others and rewarding generosity.

Keeping promises

The protagonist of this story emphasizes the importance of keeping promises and building trust by keeping one's word.

Humility and modesty

the crane character maintains a humble and unassuming demeanor, underscoring the importance of these traits.

Unexpected Kindness

The story suggests that accepting the kindness of others can lead to unexpected and magical rewards.

Good deeds are rewarded

This story conveys the hope that performing acts of kindness can lead to positive outcomes.

Mystery and Wonder

The story contains an element of mystery, suggesting that unusual events may captivate people.

The Grateful of the Crane is a story that offers important moral lessons about values and relationships, and deepens our understanding of the importance of kindness and gratitude.

Impressions from a 5 year old girl

Why did I peek when I was told to "not peek?" It's wrong! Let's keep our promises!




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