Similarities between the Japanese traditional confectionery "Dorayaki" and pancakes: Are they similar?


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Hello, everyone who loves sticky, sweet treats! I am YokoNaruka. Today, let's talk about a traditional Japanese snack called Dorayaki. Perhaps dorayaki is a bit similar to American pancakes! Once, when I was in Italy, Italian asked, "What is that UFO-like thing that Doraemon is eating?" I answered. It is Dorayaki. It's a pancake with anko (sweet bean paste) in between. It was a rather rough answer, but he was satisfied. In fact, homemade dorayaki are made from pancake mix. This is a fact.

Doraemon's fondness for dorayaki serves to portray him as a character with a side of ordinary Japanese people, making him more relatable to everyday life.

Oops! Talk is far away go out! Come back here.

Yes, dorayaki and pancakes have a few things in common. First, both are characterized by their chunky texture and are made with flour, eggs, sugar, and water as the main ingredients. Then, they are usually baked in a frying pan or on a griddle. Therefore, both treats have a flat surface that is well baked.

Of course, sugar is added to the dough of dorayaki to add sweetness, and pancakes are usually sweetened with sugar as well. So both of them spread a slightly sweet happiness the moment you put them in your mouth.

But let's not forget the differences. Dorayaki is wrapped in a round shape and stuffed with bean paste inside, while pancakes remain flat and circular and are usually topped with syrup, butter, fruit, etc. on top. Rather, the dorayaki batter is almost like a pancake LOL Of course, this is my personal opinion.

This is a Western-style dorayaki.

Ultimately, dorayaki and pancakes are treats that are similar in some ways and different in others. Both are delicious, so be sure to try them both and find your favorite. Dorayaki and pancakes both have delicious sweetness waiting for you!




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