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Hi. My name is YokoNaruka. My sweet baby is now born 7 months old.

Weaning is progressing well, and he has recently started eating natto (fermented soybeans). People from other countries might be surprised to see this. But in Japan, it is a matter of course.

Yesterday her breakfast was natto rice, carrot and onion soup.

Fermented foods are good for you. So you should actively eat them from the time you are a baby.

My baby wants natto in her mouth as soon as possible. Chew your food well LOL
Are there foods with this kind of gooey texture in other countries? If so, please let me know. I am sure it is good for you, that is.

Let's take a look at overseas baby food from a Japanese perspective.

Baby Food Around the World

France - Bouillon

In France, bouillon (meat and vegetable broth) is a common weaning food. It is accepted by children because it is aromatic and flavorful.

Korea - Japchae

Korean baby food is often served with porridge. Porridge is made by simmering rice and ingredients (vegetables and protein sources) together. It is flavorful and provides nutrition for children.

Ethiopia - injera

In Ethiopia, injera is a traditional weaning food. Injera is a thin, fermented bread that is moistened and served to babies.

India - Curry

 In India, curry is sometimes used as a weaning food. However, the amount of spices is adjusted sparingly and served with soft-cooked vegetables, meat, and rice.

Israel - Humms

 In Israel, a common baby food is humms, a chickpea paste for babies. It is a rich source of protein.

These baby foods are prepared according to cultural and regional characteristics and serve to provide the nutritional needs of the baby. There is an amazing variety of ingredients and preparation methods, and different weaning traditions exist in different regions.

Incidentally, I have heard that it is common in the US for babies to eat avocados. Avocados are not commonly fed to babies in Japan.

Today I will feed my baby bread. I don't know why I have been giving him only rice.

I was eating bread though LOL




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