Momotaro story ~existentialism~



X f B! P L ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

 I was a peach. No, I was inside a peach. Surrendering myself to the flow of the river, not knowing where I was going, I simply existed. I was on an endless journey, where time and place were ambiguous.

Suddenly, I realized that I was confined by a hard shell. If I didn't break through the shell and get out, I would forever remain an existence within the peach. I resisted the shell, breaking it from the inside.

The world that unfolded before me was unfamiliar. Two shadows, called an old couple, picked me up and gave me a name. "Momotaro" - with this name, I was born into a new existence.

In the village, I came to be called a "hero." However, I felt a sense of discomfort with this title. What is a hero? I kept questioning my reason for existence.

One day, I decided to leave the village. To go to Demon Island and vanquish the demons - that was the mission imposed upon me, the villagers said. However, I couldn't help but question this mission. What are demons? Why must they be vanquished?

During my journey, I encountered a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. They said they would accompany me. However, I didn't know who they really were. Were they truly my allies? Or were they beings that would mislead me?

Upon arriving at Demon Island, I confronted the demons. However, I felt no hostility from them. They, too, might be those seeking their own reason for existence.

I pointed my sword at the demons. However, it was not to cut them, but to cut myself. I had to face the "demon" within myself. I, too, am a part of the "demon."

The demons stared at me and fell silent. Their silence seemed to resonate with my inner voice.

I lowered my sword and spoke to the demons. "I did not come here to vanquish you. I am here to look at myself."

The demons quietly nodded. They, too, might be on a journey to face themselves.

I left Demon Island and set out on my journey again. However, this journey was not one of demon-vanquishing. It was a journey to look at myself and continue questioning the meaning of existence.

The old couple greeted me with smiles when I returned to the village. However, I was no longer their "Momotaro." I am a new being, about to begin a new journey.

I looked up at the sky. Beyond the clouds, a faint light was shining. That light seemed to illuminate my new existence.

I took a step forward. To continue my endless journey while continuing the dialogue with myself.




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