The lesson we learn from Sailor Moon is that people don't have to be perfect.


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Hello. I am a Japanese living in Japan. I have loved Sailor Moon since I was a child. I even let my daughter watch Sailor Moon lol :)

Sailor Moon's characters are a great example of how one does not have to be perfect. They each have their own flaws and weaknesses, but they grow and face their challenges with friendship, love and cooperation. 

Sailor Moon (Usagi/Sailor Moon)

The main character, she is slightly goofy and self-centered at first. However, believing in the power of friendship and love, she grows and fulfills her role as a warrior of justice.

Sailor Mercury (Ami/Sailor Mercury)

A knowledgeable and talented girl genius, she has always felt lonely. 

Sailor Mars (Rei/Sailor Mars)

 She has a short temper and a hot temper, and sometimes clashes with her friends, but ultimately contributes to the team and values friendship.

Sailor Jupiter (Makoto/Sailor Jupiter)

She has a strong, powerful personality and is an excellent warrior, but she too experiences failures and hardships and matures.

Sailor Venus originally started as Sailor V before Sailor Moon, but her past has been accompanied by many difficulties and loneliness. She has learned to cooperate with other Sailor Senshi and develop friendships in order to succeed.

The character of Sailor Venus demonstrates the importance of moving forward and not allowing oneself to be bound by past mistakes and predicaments. Her story symbolizes how past mistakes and trials can lead to new growth and opportunities.

All of these characters are imperfect beings; everyone makes mistakes and has a chance to grow. Sailor Moon shows that personal flaws and weaknesses ultimately pave the way for growth, if we can put it strongly enough.

We strive for perfection. But that is the beginning of suffering. We should live to be happy. It is better to aim for great relationships than to aim for perfection.




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